Etihad Airways Review – Abu Dhabi to Osaka EY830

Etihad Airways is an Emirati-based airline. It has been named the fourth safest airline in the world for 2024 and is renowned for its high-quality service and safety record.

The airline operates a modern fleet of Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Airbus A380, A350, and A320 aircraft, with a total fleet size of 85 aircraft.

When searching for a comfortable airline for two consecutive long-haul flights, Etihad ticked all the boxes for me. Some online research assured me that they were safe, reliable, and competitively priced. However, the question remains: do they actually offer a good experience, and is it worth the price tag?

Etihad Plane - EY830
Photo credit Klára S from Pixabay

Where Does Etihad Fly To?

Etihad Airways flys to over 120 destinations across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, India, Middle East, and Africa.

You can view all the destinations that Etihad flys to on the destinations page of their website.

Is Etihad A Safe Airline?

As of November 2023, Etihad Airways has successfully completed 10 consecutive IATA Safety audits with absolutely zero findings or observations. This achievement indicates that they do not cut any corners and meticulously follow all protocols to ensure your safety.

Furthermore, Etihad has never been involved in a fatal accident or experienced any hull losses. give Etihad a perfect score of 7/7 for their safety procedures, and named it the fourth safest airline in the world!

Boarding Gate in Abu Dhabi - Etihad Airways flight EY830

Does Etihad Have A Frequent Flyer Programme?

Etihad’s frequent flyer programme is called Etihad Guest. This programme has four tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Benefits to joining this programme include a guaranteed economy seat, priority check in, bonus Etihad miles (up to 75% extra), fast track immigration, and an onboard WiFi discount. Read all about the perks of this programme here.

Where To Book Cheap Etihad Airways Tickets?

I find the best deals on Skyscanner, a flight comparison site that provides you with several options for your travel date and destination. It includes all airlines that either fly directly or combine a few to offer you the best possible price for that day. If the best deal is directly through Etihad Airways, Skyscanner will redirect you to their website.

My Etihad Review Of Flight EY830

I flew from Abu Dhabi to Osaka on flight EY830 in economy class. This was a nine hour night-time flight, departing at 1.40am and landing at 11:05am (Japan time).

The flight was on a Boeing 787-9 dreamliner, this aircraft has a seat configuration of 3 x 3 x 3.

I cannot comment on the check in process in Abu Dhabi airport as this was a connecting flight, however, the connection process involved going through security which took 20 minutes due to long queues.

The boarding process was straightforward, the flight was not at full capacity so there were no long queues.

Seat Review

I sat in seat 46E at the rear of the plane; it is the middle seat in the middle row. On long flights, I much prefer the middle aisles as they are more convenient if you need to go to the toilet or want to walk about and stretch your legs.

The seat was as spacious as you can get for economy, providing a nice amount of legroom for comfortable stretching. For some extra legroom, you can upgrade your seat for an additional 5 inches.

Aside from space, the seat was super comfy! It features an ergonomic design and a fixed wing headrest. Essentially, the headrest was slightly longer on one side, making it comfortable for sleeping and preventing my head from nodding around, as it usually does on flights.

economy seat review Etihad Airways
Photo credit – Etihad Airways website

In-Flight Entertainment

The in-flight movie and TV show offerings determine whether I enjoy a flight or end up mindlessly bored throughout its duration. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection on Etihad, especially with the inclusion of 4K monitors.

While there is a lack of decent new movies, there are some classic comedies and action films, including the full suite of Mission Impossible and Harry Potter films! However, the TV shows are less impressive, with most having only two or three episodes available.

Additionally, you have the option to watch BBC News, Sky News, CNN, or live sports!

etihad airways entertainment

On Board Meals

I have to give it to Etihad; their food is delicious! For dinner, I enjoyed a cucumber salad, lamb biryani, which was one of the best meals I have had on a flight, a bread roll, and a matcha cake. Complimentary drinks included a Bacardi and a tea.

Throughout the rest of the 9-hour flight, the attendants handed out small cups of water. 90 minutes before landing, we were given another meal. I hoped this would be more breakfast-based due to the time (9 am), but it was a Greek salad, Japanese-style chicken and rice, a bread roll, and a cream cheese pudding.

Flight Attendants

I found the flight attendants to be a little on the rude side. They were not friendly and, at times, appeared passive-aggressive. I witnessed one of them having a full-blown argument with a customer who was aggravated that no water was handed out.

Considering Etihad’s price point and reputation, I expected the flight attendants to be much nicer!

The Flight

The flight was quiet, and I would hazard a guess that it was only at 50% capacity. This resulted in no one sitting beside me, making the flight extra comfortable with that spare seat to put some stuff on!

The flight path went over India, China, and the East China Sea before making its descent to Osaka.

It was a bit bumpy flying over some parts of China, nothing scary though, just about 20 minutes of not having access to the bathroom. We also experienced some turbulence when descending, but the landing was so smooth! Overall, it was a pleasant flight!

Flight amenity kit includes a sleep mask, ear plugs, hand cream and the case expands to a tote bag.

Would I fly with Etihad again?

Yes, I would fly with Etihad again, and I recommend you do too! Seats are comfortable, food is good, and they have an excellent safety record! The only drawback is the flight attendants, however this is just a nice to have and makes little difference to your flight experience. It is also worth noting that their job is very difficult, I am not sure I would be in the best spirits at 2am!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your flight, you must have purchased a refundable ticket over 5 days ago. Additionally, a fee may be charged for canceling your flight, and this depends on the type of ticket you purchased.

In the event of the death of an immediate family member, you will not be charged a change or refund fee; however, you will be required to produce official documentation as proof.

Refunds take between 7 to 45 working days to process. Check cancellation rules here.

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