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Located in South East Asia, Thailand is a tropical paradise. It was the first country I visited in Asia, I then spent a further 4 months there. I completely fell in love with the land of smiles the beaches are some of the best in the world, the food is incredible, and the temples always leave me with a sense of peace and wander.

Read through this Thailand at a glance for information you must know before you visit, and some blog posts I wrote during my time there.

What To Expect


Language is Thai, however locals generally have great English so it is easy to get by in Thailand with a few essential Thai phrases.


Thailand is a predominately buddhist nation, with 95% of the population practicing the religion. Other religions include muslim and christianity.


Currency is Thai Baht. Credit card payments are generally accepted in most shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. However, it is best to carry cash for markets, street food vendors, tuk-tuks and the few establishments that accept cash only.


Thailand uses plug types A, B, and C.
The voltage is 220 volt at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Visa Requirement

Most countries are eligible for 30 or 45 day entry to Thailand visa free! This can be extended for a further 30 days at an immigration centre or through an agent. You will need to leave. Many people have success doing visa runs in Thailand.

Sim Cards

I find the best option is an e-sim, Airalo never let me down during my time in Thailand.

You just download the app, choose the amount of data, and install the sim. It allows you to keep you home sim in your phone.

If you decide to use Airalo get $3 off with my code TARA1104.


Do not take a chance, purchase travel insurance just in case you run into any medical issues. Thailand has good private hospitals with English speaking doctors, however their public ones are not up to scratch. I have seen too many GoFundMe horror stories to take that risk!


It is advisable to get the following vaccines prior to arriving in Thailand. Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, and Typhoid. Also consider rabies, unfortunately monkeys and stray dogs can carry this.

You can get these vaccines from you GP, Boots, or a travel clinic in your town.

Best Time To Visit

Thailand has a tropical climate, and is hot and humid all year round!

The best beach weather for the islands is during December and February, this is also the busiest time for the islands.

Rainy season is May – October, these months see short but heavy downpours of rain. During this time accommodation prices are much lower, you can really snag a bargain. I visited Kamala in September and got 60% discount on an amazing apartment with a balcony sauna! The rain showers barely impacted our time there!

Famous festivals in Thailand are Songkran in April, Lopburi Monkey Banquet in November, Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February, and Yi Peng Festival in November.

How To Travel Around Thailand

If you would rather take the scenic route, then consider train travel. From Bangkok you can reach Phuket in 12 hours, or Chiang Mai in 14 hours. Train travel in South East Asia is something you will remember forever. You can book most trains on 12goAsia.

If you are island hopping then you will most likely be taking speedboats and longtail boats! You can also book these on 12goAsia.

Apps To Download

  • Grab for taxis, bikes, and food delivery
  • Google Maps for navigation, the offline maps feature is great!
  • Airalo for e-sims, my code TARA1104 will give you $3 off your first purchase!
  • XE currency to make sense of the Thai currency when out and about
  • LAZADA, this is the Thai version of Amazon
  • Bangkok Post, a Thai newspaper in English to stay up to date with the country

Thai Food To Try

Khao Soi: northern Thai dish with yellow curry with coconut milk, and deep fried noodles
Panang Curry: red curry that is spicy, sweet, and bursting with flavour!
Som Tom: shredded papaya salad that is sweet, tangy, and spicy
Larb Moo: spicy pork mince, with fresh herbs
Yum Woon Sen: glass noodle salad, fresh and very spicy
Tom Yum Soup: spicy and sweet tomato soup with shrimp
Satay: chicken skewers and peanut sauce
Chicken Cashew: mild stir fry with lots of vegetables, and soy sauce
Green Curry: spicy with coconut milk, green chilli, shrimp paste, and lime
Morning Glory: spicy vegetable side dish seasoning includes garlic and oyster sauce


Accommodation in Thailand can be great value for money! There are affordable hostels for backpackers, luxury resorts, villas with private pools, and unique once in a lifetime stays.

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