Flight Review: Emirates EK164, Dublin to Dubai

Aircraft: Boeing 777 300er
Duration: 7hr 25mins
Class: Economy
Turbulence: Light

As always, I was very nervous before the flight. I think my nerves were heightened as I had to take two long flights. The final destination was Bangkok so we just transferred in Dubai. I was armed with the brilliant book SOAR by Captain Bunn which really helped calm my nerves before take off.

Take off was absolutely fine and the flight was thankfully uneventful. There was a bit of light turbulence but nothing scary only a few light bumps. The interior was super calming with the pretty twinkling lights on the ceiling.

Entertainment system

The seat was a standard economy seats, the The entertainment was brilliant, a large selection of new TV series and movies. Along with a good selection of music. I watched the White Lotus and Elvis and read a little. I rarely sleep on flights.

Food was ok – chicken and potatoes, pasta, bread roll, a strawberry crumble kind of cake, chocolate, crackers and cheese.

We landed in Dubai on time, it was a very smooth landing.