One Day in Naples Itinerary

So, you only have one day in Naples? You are worried it isn’t enough time and you will miss out on loads? I am here to tell you absolutely not! I was there from noon until 8pm and I saw so much and ate lots of amazing food! This 1 day in Naples itinerary will tell you what to see and what to eat!

I travelled from Rome on a high speed train (1 hour 45 mins). However, there was a 40 minute delay at Termini station so that ate into some time. For this reason I would recommend a train at about 7 or 8 am. My train was at 9:30am but from reading online train delays are very common in Italy so getting an earlier train allows you some wiggle room. I book my trains via

8 Things To Do During One Day In Naples

1. Eat A Traditional Neapolitan Pastry

Sfogliatella - one day in Naples itinerary

Starting your day with a Sfogliatella (“little leaves”) from Antico Forno delle Sfogliatelle Calde is a tasty start to your Naples adventure. These little guys are incredible and the best one I have had in all of Italy was from this place!

The pastry is is filled with ricotta that has a subtle orange flavour, almond paste and peel of citron. They are literally handed to you from the oven, ensuring they are warm and incredibly fresh!

Antico Forno delle Sfogliatelle Calde is a 5 minute walk away from the train station and makes a wonderful breakfast washed down with some coffee of course.

2. Porta Nolana

This is a 15th Century gate flanked by two towers, it is not the most impressive medieval structure you will ever see but there is a food market that is famous for its fresh fish.

The area is very lively, just be careful with your belongings here.

3. Eat Deep Fried Pizza at Pizzeria De’Figliole

I never heard of fried pizza before my trip to Naples. I assumed it was just a normal pizza that was battered and fried. It is surprisingly light and not greasy, similar to a calzone but without the dough and filled with ricotta, ham and tomatoes. Unbelievably delicious!

Pizzeria De’Fiogliole is a family run business, when you walk in you see a small picture of an elderly lady who I assume is the owners mum or grandmother. It is also affordable and a welcoming place to take a rest.

4. Centro Storico

The bustling historic centre of Naples. I grabbed an iced lemon drink and wandered down as many alleys as I could. I recommend checking out the below places.

5. Underground Art at Toledo

art in Toledo station - one day in naples itinerary

One of the longest shopping streets in Naples, you will find all the usual high street shops here but I want to point you in the direction of Toledo metro station. It won a LEAF award in 2015 for “building of the year” so I promise it is worth it! Naples have a snazzy Art Stations Programme for the stations on Line 1 and Line 6. CNN and Daily Telegraph named Toledo station as the most beautiful station in Europe. The skylight is the main attraction, look up and see a sea of stars against a midnight blue backdrop.

6. Get lost in Quartieri Spagnoli

Quartieri Spagnoli is the Spanish Quarter. The colourful area is made of of very thin of very narrow alleys, clothes hanging out to dry and small taverns. I would recommend checking out
Murales Maradona , Chiesa di Santa Maria Francesca delle Cinque Piaghe and the open-air market of Pignasecca.

7. Check out the views at Castel St. Elmo

View of mount vesuvius from Castel Sant'Elmo - one day in Naples itinerary

Take in the Gulf of Naples with views of Mt. Vesuvius and the sprawling city beneath it. The viewpoint is located here and the easiest way to get there is to hop on the Funicolare Montesanto at Centrale station, tickets cost €1.10.

While you are there you visit Castel St Elmo but if you only have one day I would skip the castle as there is not too much to see.

8. Eat Babà al Rum

You will find this mushroom shaped pastry just about anywhere in Naples, there are a variety of flavours but I wanted to try the original one. The cake is very moist, sweet and of course has a strong taste of rum from the rum syrup. It is usually served with cream or custard.

Is Naples Worth Visiting?

Naples is like no other place I visited in Italy, the city is as vibrant as its buildings. It is a mix of traditional and modern Italy. There are plenty of historical sites , delicious and unique foods, friendly locals and lively street life.

Known as the “real” capital city of Italy it is definitely worth exploring.

Is 1 day Enough in Naples?

If 1 day is all you can give then you should go, it might not be enough to experience all this city has to offer but you will see some of the highlights and have a fantastic time. However, if you are more flexible then I would remember giving 2 or 3 days to see everything.

I only visited for 1 day and had to skip some historical sites I otherwise would have loved to have seen. It also was not possible to check out the nightlife which I hear is incredible. But, if you plan your day well with an itinery you will get a good taste of Naples and can always revisit.

If you need to spend a night in Naples here are some of my accommodation reccommendations.

Is Naples Expensive?

I found Naples much more affordable compared to other cities in Italy like Rome, Sienna and Venice.

Of course this depends on your choices and preferences, for example eating from street stalls (delicious by the way!) will be much cheaper than heading to a restaurant in a touristy spot. Moreover, many attractions in Naples are free or have a low entrance fee such as churches.

Is Naples safe?

As mentioned above Naples feels different to other locations in Italy and was extra cautious of my belongings there. Card skimming is quite common in Naples so I advise you to be aware of ATMs.

Another thing to watch out for are mopeds, they wizz around the narrow alleys at a high speed so just be cautious crossing roads as they can seemingly appear out of nowhere.

All in all I had no trouble in Naples, I believe that things happen everywhere and as long as you stay vigilant you will be fine!

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