Phi Phi To Maya Bay – The Simple Guide You Need for 2024

Maya Bay - all you need to know
Maya Bay 2024

Nestled among the Ki Phi Phi Le Islands in Eastern Thailand, Maya Bay has long attracted crowds since its appearance in the 2000s film, “The Beach.” For me, it was always a must-visit destination, a place of natural beauty I longed to see, and was firmly at the top of my bucket list.

However, its popularity led to its decline. Between 2018 and 2023, Maya Bay had to close its doors to tourists to protect its delicate ecosystem. This break allowed the corals and marine life to recover. Before the closure, only 8% of the corals remained intact due to damage from tourist boats. Since closing, 30,000 coral reefs have been replanted, resulting in wildlife returning. Animals that call Maya Bay home include clownfish, lobsters, and blacktip sharks.

If you are planning to visit Maya Bay, my blog with give you all the information you need to plan an incredible trip.

How To Get To Maya Bay

Maya Bay is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, there are no shortage of tours ready to take tourists to this beautiful bay. Most people visit Maya Bay from Phi Phi, Phuket, or Krabi.

You can either book a tour online in advance from websites like GetYourGuide, book through your hotel reception, or go to one of many tourist offices around Thailand’s beach towns. Booking online in advance has the major advantage of checking reviews from other travellers.

Phuket to Maya Bay

Speedboats depart from Rassada Pier, 15 minutes drive of from Phuket old town. Most tour companies include pick up as part of the tour price.

From Rassada Pier, the journey from Phuket to Maya Bay takes one hour on a speed boat.

Krabi to Maya Bay

Tours depart from Nopparat Thara pier, 10 minutes outside of Ao Nang.

It takes one hour to reach Maya Bay from Krabi on a speedboat.

Phi Phi to Maya Bay

To travel from Phi Phi to Maya Bay you can either join a tour, or take a private long tail boat.

Although a private longtail will be more expensive, it is a more peaceful way to travel. There are many longtail drivers beside the pier, located here on Google Maps.

Blue View Divers are a highly reviewed company, along with diving they offer private longtail hire, allowing the customer to plan where they want to go, and for how long.

Maya Bay – My Experience

We hired a private longtail boat to take us to Maya Bay. We were charged 3,600 baht, which felt reasonable due to the distance, having the entire boat to ourselves, and the driver having to wait while we walked around Maya Bay. However, we later realised that a 3 hour tour of Maya Bay and surrounding islands cost 3,500 baht!

After a 20 minute boat journey, we arrived to an already very busy Maya Bay at 10:30 am. Although there were a-lot of people, there was no queue to pay the entrance fee of 400 baht each.

entrance to maya bay - how many people visit Maya Bay
The path leading to Maya Bay

As many as 5,000 people visit Maya Bay on average each day. The number of people on the bay is a bit overwhelming. On the way to the beach, it was similar to walking out of a concert, with so many people all in a line. Due to its popularity, I highly recommend visiting early. There are tours that drop you there for its 7 am opening.

When we reached the beach it felt surreal! For years I have seen Maya Bay online, I couldn’t believe I was actually there. It felt like I stepped into a postcard. It really does feel like paradise. The sand is so white and the water is the most turquoise I have ever seen. For a place with so many people, it remains peaceful.

Once on the bay, all that is left to do is to walk around and take it all in. I know all travel bloggers say the same thing, but it really does take your breath away!

For the protection of the blacktip sharks, swimming is not allowed. Some people are sunbathing, but most people are trying to get the perfect shot in the water. We stayed for a total of 30 minutes.

Getting back on the boat took about 15 minutes. There is a guy with the megaphone on the pier; you just tell him what number boat you are on, and he shouts it into the megaphone for the driver to collect you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maya Bay

How much is Maya Bay

It cost 400 baht per adult, and 200 baht per child to enter Maya Bay.

What time does maya bay open?

Maya Bay open from 7am until 6pm each day.

Each year Maya bay closes for the conservation of wildlife. From August, 1st, 2024 until October, 1st, 2024 Maya Bay will be closed.

Can you swim in Maya Bay

Swimming is not allowed in Maya Bay, this is to protect the surrounding marine wildlife.

Is there a toilet on Maya Bay?

Yes, there is a toilet past the payment booth, beside a small kiosk selling drinks and snacks.

Does Maya Bay have a cafe?

There is no cafe, just a small kiosk selling drinks, including beer, and snacks. There are also picnic benches to sit on. The benches are mostly under trees, so its a good place to cool down from the beach.

Can you spend the night on Maya Bay

You can no longer spend the night on Maya Bay. This was once possible prior to its closing in 2018, but since reopening in 2023 it is not allowed.

Extra On The Spot Charge From Boat driver

We took a private longtail boat from Phi Phi to Maya Bay. It cost 3,600 baht for both of us. We knew something was off when we handed over the money and the driver started laughing to his friend. The driver said it was to Maya Bay, so we assumed this was the total cost.

When we got to Maya Bay he said we would need to pay another 800 baht for him to reach the bay and let us off. He knew we were stuck, we didn’t spend 3,600 baht to just look at it from afar. Instead of arguing we just handed it over and hoped he would be there waiting for us.

If you decide to book a private longtail boat be clear on the price before you step foot onto the boat. Make sure there is no “parking fee”, and the price includes waiting for you while you are on Maya Bay.

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