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New York was properly my first ‘big’ trip. It was a city that for as long as I can remember was at the top of my bucket list. The New York Pass seemed to offer incredible value for money, so I purchased a 10 day ticket. I am sharing my New York Pass review to help anyone unsure of purchasing it.

What is the New York Pass?

The options available are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 consecutive-day pass. What I loved about the New York Pass is that you can store it on your phone. I am notorious for losing tickets, bank cards, and transport cards (I once lost my bank card 3 times in a month!). I tend to leave cards loose in my bag or coat pockets! Therefore, having the pass on my phone saved me frantically searching at the ticket desk.

The price of the New York Pass varies between $160 to $384.

Price Of New York Pass


I was in New York for two weeks and opted for the 10 day New York pass, I go over what we really used the pass and whether it was worth the cost.

Attractions On The New York Pass

There are some incredible attractions on the New York Pass. Here are some highlights:

  • Observatories
    • The Edge
    • Empire State Building Observatory
    • One World Observatory
    • Top Of The Rock
  • Museums
    • Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island
    • Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA)
    • Intrepid, Space, Air Museum
    • National Museum Of History
  • Tours
    • Central Park Bike Tour
    • Madison Square Garden Tour
    • Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown Tour
    • Food On Foot Tour
    • Beer, Spirits & Wine Crawl

Is The New York Pass Worth It?

It entirely depends of the type of traveller you are, and what you plan to see.

If you prefer to just wander, exploring the local culture, checking out neighbourhoods, and nightlife, then the pass may not be for you. However, there are some amazing tours that are covered under the pass.

On the other hand, if you enjoy going to the big ticket attractions, having an action packed day, it can work out to be incredible value.

I purchased the 10 day pass, and wish I got a pass with less days, such as the 3 or 4 day pass. My advice for anyone is do not get a pass to cover every day you are in New York. Give yourself at least 1 pass free day to explore other sides of New York.

New York Pass Calculator

How to use the New York Pass Calculator

This New York Pass calculator will help you decide if the pass is worth it for your trip, and whether you will actually make a saving. Not only that, but it calculates the average time people spend at each attraction, and recommends which day pass is the best based off of time.

Just enter the total value of New York Pass you are planning to buy; and tick each attraction you plan to go to. My calculator will tell you the total amount you will save.

New York Pass Calculator

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