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One of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, known as a spiritual paradise, with the kindest locals, Bali is an incredible destination.

Whether you are there to surf, attend a yoga retreat, relax on the beach, or dance away the night at a beach club, Bali has something for you!

Read through this Bali at a glance guide for basic information you must know before you visit, and some blog posts I wrote during my time there.

What To Expect


Language is Balinese, however the official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesian. Locals generally have great English so it is easy to get by in Bali with a few essential phrases.

Check out this blog post on the 55 basic phrases to know before visiting Bali.


Bali is a predominately a Hindu island, with 87% of the population practicing Balinese Hinduism. This is the highest number of Hindus outside of Nepal. Other religions include muslim and christianity.


Currency is Indonesian rupiah (IDR). Credit card payments are generally accepted, however cash is usually the preferred method of payment. It is always a good idea to carry some cash on you when out and about in Bali.


Bali uses plug types C and F.
The voltage is 230 volt at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Visa Requirements

Citizens from 90 countries are eligible for a 30 day Visa On Arrival!

The Visa On Arrival costs IDR 500,000, you pay this at the airport either by cash or credit card.

Check here what countries are entitled to enter Bali visa free.

Sim Cards

I find the best option is an e-sim, Airalo never let me down during my time in Bali.

You just download the app, choose the amount of data, and install the sim. It allows you to keep you home sim in your phone.

If you decide to use Airalo get $3 off with my code TARA1104.


Do not take a chance, purchase travel insurance just in case you run into any medical issues.

The public health system in Bali is not up to Western standards, if you do need medical attention in bali the best option are the private hospitals, BIMC. However these have high costs, this is where it is vital to have travel insurance before you depart.

I use SafetyWing, I have had to claim a few times over the last three years, each time they were reliable with great communication.


It is advisable to get the following vaccines prior to arriving in Bali. Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, and Typhoid. Also consider rabies, unfortunately monkeys and stray dogs can carry this.

You can get these vaccines from you GP, Boots, or a travel clinic in your town.

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Best Time To Visit

Bali has a tropical, hoot and humid climate. April to October is Bali’s dry season, weather is hot with temperatures reaching.

Low season is April, May, September and October, during this time there are some great hotel deals to take advantage of.

Rainy season is October to March, showers will be heavy, but short. It will not rain everyday, it is not rare to get a few bright, sunny and dry days in a row.

getting around Bali

How To Get Around Bali

Scooters are the best way to get around, you can choose to rent one, or ride as a passenger on a scooter taxi from Gojek. If you d not have experience on a scooter I strongly advise using Gojek. Bali’s roads can be fatal, there are a high number of tourists getting badly injured from scooter crashes in Bali.

If you decide to ride your own scooter, then consider taking a beginner scooter lesson with a local who will show you how to navigate the roads.


Must Have Apps For Bali

Gojek: order taxis, food, and products from local shops straight to your door
Whatsapp: most hotels and drivers use this to communicate with you
Google Translate: helpful for times when it is hard to communicate, translating food labels, or just learning how to pronounce a word in Balinese
xe currency: very helpful for quick conversions on your phone. It helps make sense of any new currency

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