Where To Buy The Skopska Card

If you are not a Skopje local you will need to purchase a prepaid bus card known as the Skopska card. They can be challenging to find, as even locals I asked were unaware of where to buy one. Keep in mind that all buses operate a cashless system, so onboard payments are not accepted.

Step by step guide on buying the Skopska card

So, how do you locate this elusive ticket office? First, make your way to the Central Skopje bus station, located here.

Please note that the regular ticket desks at the bus station do not sell the Skopska card. Instead, you will need to exit the back of the bus station and look for a red bus (similar to the public buses already in Skopje) that has been converted into a ticket office. You can find the office at this location.

ticket office to buy the skopska card
The ticket office

The cost of purchasing the Skopska card is 50 MKD, and each journey thereafter is 40MKD. Simply scan the card when boarding the bus, and the fare will be deducted accordingly. There is no need to scan the card when exiting the bus.

Considering the relatively small size of Skopje, I found the public transportation system to be very efficient. The buses operate on a regular schedule. Although the buses are double-decker, the interior condition may be somewhat worn, with graffiti and torn seats. However, personally, I did not mind these aspects.

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